Who are you?

I am Costanza, I am 34 years old.

Where were you born, where do you live now?

I was born in Riccione, a small town on the Adriatic coast. After high school I decided to study psychology and then I moved first to Urbino and then, to finish my studies, to Rome. After a few years I graduated, and more or less at the same time I realized that I was not interested in continuing with that kind of work, although I still have the constant desire to understand human dynamics and to apply various forms of psychology in my daily life, I love to work so much on my thoughts, because I am convinced that thoughts create reality (yes, almost as if it were magic!).

In 2008 in Rome I started studying circus, initially as a pastime, I specialized in aerial disciplines, which gradually became my main activity. A few years ago I moved to Turin.

Have you found a difference between your country of birth and the place where you have chosen to live now?

There are differences between Riccione and Turin, yes there are, Riccione is a bipolar city, it is a city that in summer is full of tourism, parties and casinos, while in winter it turns into a desert. Turin for me has a very different atmosphere, at times gloomy and grey but also very welcoming.

What is your current relational situation (single, married, divorced etc etc)?

I have a partner for 7 years, we are not married. Difficulties of this state for now I have not met any, the positive note is that I think it makes me feel that we are free to choose to be together day after day, without having to institutionalize it.

Are you a mother?

I have a son named Noah, who is 5 and a half years old.

What would you like to teach your son and what would you like to protect him from (although often you can't protect him from everything)?

I think children already have everything inside of them, and my job is to accompany him in his discoveries, support him and make him feel loved. What I can teach him I will do by example, and this thought also leads me to try to improve myself day after day. I would like to protect him from superficiality and mediocrity. And ideally make him live in beauty.

What is your job?

My work is circus artist, aerial performer. I work in show business and I teach.

Do you find a difference from other work colleagues as a woman?

Differences with male colleagues I have not found many. I think that more than gender differences, I think that the type of character and the way of being.

What difficulties do you encounter most often in your life as a woman?

I think the biggest difficulty I encounter in life as a woman is that I feel I have to show more than men sometimes. To be competent, trustworthy, to have a value that goes beyond the judgement of the outward appearance. Fortunately, I spend most of my time in circus environments, where I think there is generally no gender discrimination.

Have you ever suffered violence?

Sometimes, in the past, I happened to come across small episodes of violence. Over time I have realized that people who act in this way, have in turn been victims of physical or verbal violence, and need to repeat these dynamics. I say this not to justify them, but as a reflection. I think that the solution to all problems would be to raise children in love and respect, leading them to be responsible and aware people.

What is the thing about you that you are most proud of?

The most beautiful thing I have realized is, even it may seem obvious, my son.

If you had to thank someone in your life who would it be and why?

I would thank my parents for bringing me into this life, and I would thank them for the existence of boredom, which one rainy day many years ago brought me to know the trapeze, which changed my life.

What do you think about other women? What do you think about men?

Compared to what I think about women and men, I think I like to think more than people. Regardless of gender there are people who can be respectful, empathic, loyal, like the opposite. And this does not depend on whether you are a man or a woman.

What do you think about the world right now?

I think that the world right now is experiencing a strong crisis, and I often realize that this pushes me to close myself in my projects and hope for better times. I am trying to take advantage of this period to continue the creation of the show, rehearse, devote more time to my son, turn my thoughts to the really essential things.

If I could do just one action to contribute to a change in today's world, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

I think that a non utopian action, but really feasible to contribute to a change in the world is to work on yourself. Of course it is very little, but somewhere you have to start somewhere! I think that people are like mirrors, when they are able to reflect images, analyze and shape them they have an immense potential for change.

If I tell you the word awareness, what are you thinking about?

Awareness for me is feeling centered. Awareness is the thing that allows us to observe situations and make us decide to change things, or at other times simply accept them for what they are. Awareness makes us feel that we are present in the here and now, and in my opinion its presence is able to greatly increase the quality of life and relationships of people.

If I tell you the word love, could you describe what it is for you today?

Love for me today is a word that includes many others: care, respect, responsibility towards others. I think the concept of love changed for me when Noah was born. Before it was linked to something selfish while now I find it totally altruistic.

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