First reason why I'm here

Sitting on my blue sofa, my legs on the coffee table, I write why, today, I decided to open a blog.

There comes a moment, in the life of all women (for now I will not talk about men) in which you turn in circles. We seem to have done a lot of things, but in the end there is always a moment when we go back exactly where we did not want to be, but we knew it. That is, when the moment comes, we already knew it.

We have experience, a lot, too much maybe, but we keep taking hits.

And I'm not talking about taking hits them in the social role in the world, that, fortunately, something is changing, but I'm talking about the role each of us plays with ourselves. We beat the shit out with ourself, all the time.

Today, after 32 years, past the door of my 30 years, I'm looking for what role I play today with myself and how I have contributed to life, how many intuitive perceptions I've had but I've lost it because I was been crushed by my needs and fears.

And then, reading, studying, working, living, I realized that being made by nature of receptive force, being an antenna for this world, I realize that I am all the more capable in this reception (to develop more and more), and I feel a capacity of responsibility towards life (to develop more and more).

Holding all in without ever giving creates frustration and inadequacy, who has never felt this once in their life? It also creates that bad part in me made only demands, selfishness and noise of my own words.

I want to give an active participation in the community.

I am a small existence among billions of small existences, but, when I think that I can hold another person's hand, whatever his or her degree of personal growth and whatever his or her favorite book is, even if different from mine, I realize that, just as he is, exist a space for me, and there is also space for the other.

This blog is a collection of pieces of my life, of things I see, of things I live, but, above all, a beautiful showcase of stories of other women who have crossed my life really, or at a distance, or, now, live in another life.

Thank you for reading me, know that I can hear you.

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